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Shape your words and your future!

Canberra Early Risers has been serving the Canberra Community for nearly three decades with a unique history with the vision of helping people improve their public speaking and other soft skills which will be used in professional and personal circumstances. We provide a structured self‑paced learning program and on-demand continuous professional development (CPD) courses known as Speechcraft sessions in a nurturing and highly enjoyable environment.

Our Learning Program
There are few skills in life that can be both as daunting yet rewarding as public speaking. Speaking skills are essential to any professional seeking advancement in their careers and personal fulfilment.

These skills can help to:

  • Gain confidence in delivering work and community presentations.
  • Speak up in meetings/interviews and becoming more assertive in expressing viewpoints.
  • Gain self-esteem and the respect of peers.
  • Become a responsive leader in a highly competitive environment.

Our learning program has two streams specifically designed to sharpen these skills.

Our Club and Culture
We are a diverse group of Canberra people from all ages, cultural and professional backgrounds. We have a highly successful mentoring scheme where our new members are also assigned a mentor to guide them through their chosen progression path.

Canberra Early Risers is the only breakfast club in the ACT. We meet on alternate Wednesday mornings (7:30 am) near the Jina’s Café on the Mort Street (Next to the Bus Stop No 9) in Civic (you can also enter in from the small passageway in between King O’Malley’s and Fernwood Gym on the City Walk) . Our meeting time is ideal for busy professionals with highly unpredictable daily routines.

If you would like to learn more about our club, please contact the President for further details or just drop in to one of our meetings.

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